Monday, 28 February 2011

MondayMoodboard - Floremark

Todays blogpost WAS going to be about the sewing fair that I attended yesterday. But, since the company that organized it thought that it was a good idea to mix fabrics with salted almonds with vacuum cleaner nozzles the fair was really not much to write home about. I mainly bought staples that I would have bought anyway.

But. I had the nicest company with me. Johanna from Floremark. She's one of very few Swedish bloggers that like me writes in English, and she also lives in Gothenburg. And, she makes the most wonderful creations for adults for her Etsy shop. A lot of retro styled knit basics, and at least a few of them are made from organic cotton. Yay! So. All items on todays moodboard is from her shop, make sure that you check it out! The large picture is of the Olga blouse, something that just might end up in my wardrobe some day. At least if I am able to sell a few items myself first...

I have a lot of friends, but none of them sew or craft, well, not on my level anyway. More "Okay, I will have to pull that darn machine from the closet to fix these pants that are to long". So most of my fabric-thread-pattern chit-chat is done through e-mail or online. I do talk a lot to my mum about this since she is a passionate quilter, but still.

So, being able to meet someone that does the same thing as I do. Having an online shop. Discussing what the next step of the business will be. How you take pictures of your items. How toilet paper can be useful when you use your cover lock. Which ribbing has the best quality. How Euro-taste differs from US-taste. If your body would be able to do sewing full time.... Well, all these things that I usually will have to discuss with myself. This was an energy kick extra-ordinarire!!


Lucie said...

I wish meet some of my fellows too :D

OnePerfectDay said...

You two girls sound like you had fun!