Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Knitted or crocheted??

I made a beanie for my hubby last year, but honestly. It didn't turn out that well, mainly because I ran out of yarn. So I decided to make him a new one. With Drops Alpaka I crocheted him a beanie using fpdc and bpdc. This made a really thick hat, that honestly doesn't look like it is crocheted. My hubby tested it and said that "This is VERY warm."... and continued using his old beanie. It wasn't that cold outside, so he was sweating in that warm beanie... So. I decide to make him another one with a knit2, purl2 rib pattern.

But, can you tell which one is which?? Is it the right or the left that is crocheted or knitted?? Take a guess! Well yes, the right one is the crocheted one on this detail picture. And on the other picture the one with the fold is the knitted one.
Here you can see a detail picture. The lower hat (crocheted) you can see is almost twice as thick, when you squeeze it, it just doesn't get any thinner. But, the upper, the knitted one you can see is slightly wavy, and in each wave it is possible to squeeze this out to an almost flat fabric. So, this one is much thinner.

If you are interested I will probably be able to write down the patterns for these. Not very complicated.
And the last beanie for today is the cloche beanie that I have available in the shop. I have one of these charcoal gray, with a baby pink flower. And honestly, wearing my own designs is the best way of getting new orders. So, this is a custom order in adult size, but with a dark red flower. It's really comfy, and even though it has been pretty cold at times, and this is only a cotton/acrylic blend yarn, it has been warm enough for almost the entire winter.


4U2! said...

Vilken tjusig det blev med rosen!

Virkaholic ☆ Teskedsmamman said...

Jag älskar reliefvirkning, det blir så tjockt och härligt!!