Thursday, 3 February 2011

Karate kid

Karate has been really big this year, and my sons best friend has been really into it. Unfortunately the Karate club is not opened for kids that are younger than 7, and my son and his friends are not turning 7 until this year.

So, this was intended as a birthday gifts for my sons friend. But, when I checked the measurements I thought that it would probably be a little short on the sleeves for any of the boys. So, I made all the preparations necessary to list it in the shop.

And, then came my son. He was going to the movies with his aunt, and buy his first watch (big boy!). And he was asking for his karate shirt. And, I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wasn't his. And, when we tried it fitted just perfect. So, it's not going to be in the shop after all.

A little tip for any of you that want to lay your hands on the news before everyone else (well, apart from my kids then...), sign up on my fanpage on Facebook. I am posting pictures of all news there every now and then, even before they are listed in the shop!!

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