Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Before and after pictures

I am not a photographer. I know what I like, but I just can't get my camera to cooperate to make what I want. But, as time goes by I am learning more on how to take new pictures. The importance of light. The importance of photo editing, and a good background. I am still not up to perfect pictures, but at least they are improving.

This is a dress that I took pictures of like a year ago. And the other one I took today. See the difference?? I still think that it would probably look better with another color of the background, but I think I'll keep with the one I am using now.


Velkommen til min kreative verden said...

Dette ble utrolig bra. Ser mye mer profft ut: ) said...

oh wow, what a difference! That looks like a completely different dress!