Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cozy knitted cowl - Free pattern!

Passed on, passed out?? Nope. Only passing time at the moment! It's not that I haven't crafted anything during the Christmas break, but I still don't have pictures of everthing. And I have to admit that I have not sewn that much, mostly knitting and crocheting. I have made gifts and things for almost everybody close to me, but nothing for myself. And last year when I massproduced cowls for the entire clan, did I remember myself? No. Of course not! So, if I have any new years resolution this year it has to be to remember to make ME something every now and then...

It's a really easy pattern, and you can do this while watching tv. I found some gorgoues wool-soy blend yarn from Gjestal, named "Bris". I have used it before and it is very soft and fluffy and work great for cowls as it is itch-and-tickle-free. This color is a charcoal gray, and I fuond it on sale in one of my LYS, Hisingens Hemslöjd in Gothenburg (an old-style yarnshop, with very good prices, do visit it if you're around!). The yarn calls for 5,5-6,0mm needles, but when I knitted a swatch I saw that it got pretty large loops and I wanted it to be tight and with smaller hoops to prevent any wind coming inside my coat. The double rib makes it really stretchy and fluffy and thick!

Cast on 88 stitches on 5,0mm circular needles with 40cm wire.

For all rows: *knit2, purl2* Keep on going until you run out of yarn. Bind off.

1 ball of yarn (50g) will be enough for a neckwarmer for a child, and 1 1/2 ball will probably be enough for an adult. I didn't want to have any leftovers, so I used the full 2 balls I had, which means that mine got very thick, long and luxurious! Min has the finished measurements of 24cm/9,5in across and then 40cm/15,5in high.

You can do this with almost any yarn, and size of the needles. "Bris" calls for 18st on needles 5,5-6,0 for 10cm/4in. I knitted on thinner needles and was aiming at a circumference of 45-50cm. You can use any number of stitches to make it wider or narrower, only remember that it has to be possible to divide the numbers evenly by 4, otherwise you will have problems with the pattern.

And yes. It is me on the picture. Getting long hair nowadays. Not easy to take a good picture of yourself with a timer exposure and a very windy environment...


OnePerfectDay said...

That looks so nice and cosy!

ingermaaike said...

Looking gooood!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!
Nice to see you! :)