Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Secret Santa - My gift to Swiedebie

I was SO thrilled when I got my swap partner. Swiedebie!! YAY! I love her sock monsters, and she made me a gorgeous necklace with sewing notions on a while ago. At first I wanted to make her daughter something, but since I wasn't sure about the size of the daguther I decided to make Swie something. In case she wants a mother daughter matching, it will be much easier to make the second item.

Now. What to make? Well. About the same day as I got the info-letter from the Swapadministrator I got the gorgeous Michael Miller knit fabric. And since Swie stated that she liked pink (well, I really knew that before), and that it had to be hot pink and not baby pink. Well, there you go!

So I decided to make the Fanö-shirt in an adult version and make an applique on the front. When I started making these shirts I knew that I had to try to make a shirt that looked like that. So I used the bubble seam on the machine and made an applique. I wasn't sure about the sizing and the fit, but I just made a regular size S. And it seems as if she liked it!

Here in Sweden it is -7 outside and I would certainly not wear any t-shirts at the moment, but, as it turns out, Swie is heading south and will be able to wear it in just a week or two in Singapore. Oooh! I wish that she could pack me up in her bag so I could tag along… I wouldn't mind being folded up for 13 hours or so. Honest!

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