Saturday, 18 December 2010

Remake workshop in Gothenburg

Last Thursday and Friday I was holding a workshop in Bältesspännarparken in central Gothenburg. This was the first time this was running, and they had invited a lot of local crafters.
The tent was full of thrift store bargains. And I got a little corner to display my clothes.
In the middle of the room there was two large tables, with this lovely piece of art hanging above it. Made from large steel rods and all kinds of thrift store things, like champagne glasses and a silver purse... And the sewing machines were thrift store bargains as well. Not the fancy stuff I am used to, but after some adjustments fully function-able. The first day it had been raining and then the temperature dropped. So, they warned everybody on the radio NOT to go outside if you didn't have to. We had 10 visitors. 11 perhaps. Not much going on, but I had a very nice time chatting to the volunteers and looking at the people skating outside. One of the ice skating schools were having a show, with girls age 6-12 and lots of Christmas music! Very festive and definitely hartwarming! But I can't believe how cold those poor girls must have been. It was like -2C/28F the first day, and -8C/17F the other day...
And in the evening the "Singing Christmas tree" was performing. The second day it was the Lodola-kören that was performing. One of the really prominent Gothenburg quires, founded back in the 1920's.
The second day we had a lot more visitors. And I got into several interesting discussions about environmental and social questions. I was showing how to cut up hubbys old chinos and use the best part of them to make pants for a child, or how you can make your own pair of jeans into a pair of kindergarten-pants that will last for 2 years. Not very hard, but very economical, very eco-friendly and if you are a bit creative they can be really fun too!

One of the most common comments I got was that: "Well that's not so hard for you, since you are so creative, but I would never have thought about that!". Well, that's my entire goal with the workshop, to make people aware of how you can repurpose things into something new. Perhaps I should show this in the blog some day, and show everyone that it is not that hard to be creative??

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