Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Place mats for the new table

The advantage of sewing is that you always have fabric at home. A while ago we bought a new kitchen table. The old one had seen its best days, so it was really time. Oiled oak. Very beautiful. But perhaps not the best choice with small children. So in order to make it last for a little longer I bought place mats. And since these things are pretty expensive. (like 200 SEK or 30 USD for 4 place mats) what better way to reduce your stash than using a little of your fabric.

The other advantage of having a lot of fabric is that you always have something suitable. And that some of the fabric is far more luxurious than you would be able to afford buying. Like this fabric. I've used it for clothes, but it is just as good for home decoration. Especially since it has very high quality and will not have a problem being washed hundreds of times.

So. I looked at our other place mats. Cut a decent rectangle with a matching dark green back fabric. I rounded the corners to be able to use my special seam binding foot.

Anyone for espresso and freshly baked Swedish gingerbread cookies??


zsazsazsu said...

If I only could hop over in a flash for these
cookies and espresso, yummmyyyy !
The placemats are just right for the time of the year !

Gryda said...

Både fint og lurt!