Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Greetings from us and our guests

Hi everyone! Lots of Christmas greetings from me and my family. I just wanted to show you who came to visit us this year. It has been really cold lately (-14C/7F), so it is hard for the elks to find food in the forest behind our house, so they are coming down to the houses to find apples. This is my daughter looking out our kitchen window, the elk is about 2 meters (8ft) away from her.
Our neighbor has left some apples below the trees, so the elk has been here for a couple of hours to eat every day now. This is a female elk, ie a cow. During spring time we usually see cows and then they bring along the calves, sometimes only this years calf, but sometimes this years, and the last years calf. And then we always make sure that there is no elk outside before we go out of the house. You don't want to be caught between a cow and her calves.
They are huuuuge these animals, but since they are desperate, they are not very shy. This picture is taken from about 10mtr/11yd distance. I didn't dare to go closer, because if they want to they can kick really hard.

So, Merry Christmas from us and our friends.


Call design said...

God Jul!

yngla said...

Vilka fantastiskt roliga foton på älgen!