Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Unblogged tunics - sz 110/116

These tunics has been in the UPO-pile forever. UnPhotographedObject. Can't understand why, but I think I have taken pictures of them before, but all three of them has very hard colors to take good pictures of. This yellow tunic is an egg yellow, but is likely to be very faded looking.
Here is a bright colored Stenzo fabric on turquoise, that also tends to be very fade looking.
And this last one. A very comfortable viscose jersey that is down right impossible to get the right shade of red on... And the sleeves looks very limp, although when worn they look much better...

GAAAAH! Sometimes I hate product photography! And here is the worst of them all... This darn (pardon, my french...) troll tunic! So cute in sz 9-12 mths, and in a red color that I just can't get right. I've tried every setting there is on my camera, and even tried letting it pick the color itself, but noooo. This one is almost right, but... Well. It's at least listed... To bad. I made a longsleeved dress of this fabric for my daughter last winter and it has been one of her favorites. Very good quality of the fabric and SO soft!

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Chichiboulie said...

Hmmm... I think they all look pretty good in the photos, but I don't have real life to compare them to. I especially like that blue fabric. Very pretty!