Monday, 15 November 2010

Pippi Longstocking - and lots of it!

In the beginning I was only making absolutely UNIQUE items. Only one of each design. Sometimes I would allow myself to make two more or less identical, but only in different sizes.

Now. I have realized that I have to say that I almost only make unique items. All Pippi Longstocking items are bestsellers, and as I know how happy your kid would be for that Pippi Longstocking dress or a shirt with Thomas the Tank Engine - well, then I will just set my own standards aside, and do some mass producing. Well, in my terms it is mass producing.

First one out is the Farbenmix Roxy. A fitted dress with lots of little details. Every time I see one of those in my shop I wonder why I don't make more of these. Then when I make one I understand. Not only does each dress contain 8 pattern pieces. But I insist on topstitching all seams. Which makes this dress take at least twice as long to sew as all other dresses.
Here's another "I would never do that"-item. A pair of short pants, with ruffles in polkadots. I like polkadots, but I am not a huge fan of ruffles. But, with that new ruffler I bought a while ago, it is actually pretty fun. And, these pants looks great with the red criss-cross apron dress below.
Eight new criss-cross apron dresses. Four of each kind. I actually think I prefer the solid red one with blue seam binding and Pippi Longstocking pockets. But, they are both really popular.

All in all - 15 new Pippi Longstocking items. Two of the Roxy-dresses are already reserved by customers, but the others will be in the shop.


Morrgan said...

Wow, you have been busy! How cute they are. :)

Aleisa said...

hihihi, nu vet jag varför tyget tog slut på ålhens! Så söta!

zsazsazsu said...

wow you have been very productive !