Friday, 5 November 2010

New hairclips in the shop!

Yes. Even more hair clips. I have even got my kids engaged in the making of these. I have promised them 1 SEK (about $0,15) per pair of hairclips or hair ties that we sell on the Christmas fair. And right now I have about 200 pairs in my box, so they could actually make a pretty penny out of this. My son has already asked to participate on the smaller one of my Christmas fairs.

He likes counting money at the moment. And when I told him that we will charge 30 SEK for one pair and 50 SEK for two pairs at the fairs he was very concerned. "But mum, we should charge 70 SEK for two pairs, then we will make some extra money!" Well, I doubt that anyone would purchase more than one pair then. So I explained the basics of marketing to him (everybody loves a discount) and then he grasped it. "Oh! Then I will be calling out buy two and pay me 60 kronor and you will get 10 back!"

All hairclips are also available as hairties, but I just don't have the time to list everything in the shop right now.

This is actually a great craft to do with kids. If they are good with little things and you use fabric that doesn't have to have the motif centered, then they should do very well.

I have bought extra tools, buttons and hairclips and I will be able to sell these to you if you are interrested. Please send me an email!


Hello said...

Oh, vilken pr-begåvning sonen är! Han måste ju bara få vara med och stå och ropa! :)

för liten och stor said...

vart hittar du alla hårspännen`?