Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Funky flowers and dots - Michael Miller knit fabrics!

I am not sure if you ever have heard of Michael Miller? If you have, you would probably know that he is one of the giants in designing quilt fabrics. I have quite a few of his fabric on the shelf. And since a month back or so, he has made a joint venture with Patty Young and have started making knit fabrics! YAY!

I immediately hit the buy-button when I saw this fabrics. Then I started praying. Of course the other fabrics have been of lovely quality, but knit fabrics?? Well. It was everything you could ask for. Soft, luxurious and colorful. Washes beautifully!!

I like using Farbenmix patterns. And this one is such a feminine model. The yoke is rounded, and solid color, not to draw attention from a pretty face. On these I have made a small gathering on the chest, to give them a little extra flair.

Most fabric from this first order is already cut, but I have ordered more fabrics, so there will be more shirts coming up. And, I think that I just might treat myself one of these shirts as well, as they come in adult sizes as well... Not sure of which one of them to choose though. Perhaps the one with hot pink yoke and flowers. Or the white one.... But I like dots too...

All shirts are from size 110-122cl (5-7 yrs). Be sure to grab your favorite before they are gone! These shirts very very admired on the Christmas fair, so I am pretty sure that they won't stay in the shop for long!

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MrsDagnell said...

Hur lyckades du köpa tyger hos Michael Miller? Jag kan inte hitta någon webshop... Du gör för övrigt såå fina kläder : )