Thursday, 25 November 2010

Changing Currency in Webshop + coupon code!

My webshop is based in the US, so all my prices have been stated in USD. But, with the crappy dollar I have been loosing money on each transaction. So, I decided to raise my prices, but every time the dollar is dropping I have to recalculate all items (150+) in my shop and state the new prices. It is an awful lot of work that could be better spent crafting instead.

So, to celebrate that I am now charging my prices in Swedish kronors (Don't worry if you are outside Sweden, you will still be able to pay as usual!). I am offering a coupon code (also new feature on Etsy, YAY!) of 20% discount on all items in my shop. This offer is valid until the 30:th of November, so hurry up and make your purchase!!

Coupon code: BLOGCANDY2010

I know that there are a few of you that don't want to or know how to sign up for Etsy, but send me an email and I will arrange the purchase and payment anyway. And yes, you will still get the coupon code.


Morrgan said...

Yay! Good luck with the sale!

Gunnels blog said...

Hej! Fina saker och blogg du har! Jag har ju återöppnat min Etsy, och det har skett lite ändringar sedan sist. Bla detta med att sätta sina priser i egen valuta. Kanske bra att slippa räkna om, och att slippa förlora om valutan ändras. jag ska fundera på det. Men ännu så länge har det gått trögt med försäljningen ;-) Det gick mycket bättre när jag öppnade för ett par år sedan
Kul att stöta på en annan från Göteborg på Etsy !!!