Friday, 29 October 2010

Warm feets and lost purse

Technically I know how to knit, but I am not very nifty with the needles, and those socks I have been knitting for my kids are still not done... On the other hand - what a good excuse to buy handmade from fellow Etsy-sellers!

I bought these lovely socks from Varm. It's Sofia from Finland (who speaks Swedish by the way!) and her mum that is running the shop. And I can assure you that the socks are just as warm and comfy as they looked. Have a look, and get a pair for yourself!

My daughter has a habbit of "stealing" everything I buy from Etsy. I lost my little coin purse a while ago. So, I got on Etsy, and found this little piece of candy from Oktak. Then just a day before the coin purse arrived home, I found my old one. In the car next to my seat. I had probably had it in the pocket, and it had fell out. GAAH! Now I would have TWO coin purses. On the other hand, as soon as my daughter saw it she grabbed it and said "Thank you mummy, I really needed my own wallet, you know my big brother has one, and I want one two". And then she took off with it. Never to be seen again... She actually tried my socks on as well, but fortunately she realised that they were WAY to big for her.


willow and moo said...

LOL I have one of those girls too! Moo is always looking for an opportunity to claim my things!

CosiFanTutta said...

Hei, hei, håper det er greit at jeg skriver på norsk? :o)
Jeg er helt håpløs på sokker også. Den ene jeg har laget mente min samboer burde få plass på høstutstillingen (virkelig ultra moderne kunst) :o)
Sokkene var fine, det er det viktigste!
Jeg har heldigvis ikke samme problemet med min 17-årige sønn som du har med din datter :o))
Ha en fin helg