Friday, 15 October 2010

Stats nerd about 100 Etsy sales

I made my 100:th sale on Etsy a while ago. I was thinking of doing something special around that point, but somehow it just came to fast upon me, so it wasn't until I sold it that I realized that I had passed the limit. So, I added a little something extra in that package as a celebration…

But. Being a stats-nerd I try to keep track of what is going on within my business. And since it there might be a few more out there that has the same fetish as I do, I thought I might share a little something. I've added all sales up to todays date, which is 109.

Ok. Let's start with the monthly sales. I started my shop in May of 2009, and the first month I got my first sale! YAY! Then as you can see it has been building up slowly. January was my best month, actully selling better that month than the Holliday sales, which kinda took me by surprise. And then came March and April and I didn't sell anything at all, everybody seemed to be waiting for the summer. Then sales picked up again, and in mid May I started listing my hair clips. After then sales has really picked up. Not only getting a lot of sales from hair clips, but also increasing sales on other items as well. The reason is twofold. First of all I have a lot more items in the shop, which means more exposure. But I have also been getting into a lot of treasuries. These little things are very easy to take pictures of, and most curators of Treasuries aim to have a good range of prices of products. My original thought was that customers that were buying a dress would also buy a matching pair of hair clips, and that has worked out, but most of my sales for hair clips are without any other item being purchased at the same time.

The sales have been kept on the same steady level (except for the summer months when I had my shop closed for a couple of weeks). I have tried to list new items, but during the autumn I have been getting mostly custom orders for a certain size or model that is not in the shop. Somehow I seem to be selling more of what is not in the shop, than is actually in it…

This picture shows the sales split up on days. There is always a big discussion going on on Etsy on which days to list or relist someting or which days people are shopping the most. Well. As you can see it is pretty evenly distributed over the days. Not slower in the weekend, as you might have expected. Slightly more sales on Wednesdays than other days, but that can very well be so that users are sending convo's in the beginning of the week, and before I am able to make a custom listing for them and they end up paying for it, then we're on Wednesday.

I feel like a myth-buster here! No, weekends are NOT slower than other days!

Last picture is showing where my customers come from. Of course I am getting most of my sales to the US, since Etsy is based there. But Australia comes in as a good second. I do get some sales from Scandinavia, but some of my Swedish sales are actually settled outside Etsy, so they don't appear on this. I've only had ONE Swedish sale on Etsy.
Best country in Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark) is Finland, which mostly is made up by Moomin-related sales. I get a lot of sales from the rest of Europe as well, thanks to my lovely EuropeanStreetTeam. Looking at my visitors-stats in the shop you would believe that I would have a lot of sales to Turkey, since they are very high in the visitors ranking. But, I think this is mainly due to the fact that the Turkish Etsy-team are crazy about Treasuries and are very active in trying to get their Treasuries hot by clicking and commenting.

I get a lot of questions of how things are going with my business - and looking at these stats - well not that bad. I would not be able to live off it, but on the other hand I have no intention of doing so. I am just so fortunate that I actually get paid for shopping for fabric and doing what I love!

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Mami Made It said...

That is really interesting! Thanks for sharing!
... and congrats to over 100 sales!