Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Something for cool kids?

I got a questions from one of my colleagues. Her daughter is freezing a lot, and want to have one of those wheat warmers on her tummy, but most of those are very large and intended for adults over the shoulders. She wanted something smaller as those large one gets to heavy to have on the tummy. This one is 15x20cm, sewn in mole colored linen and with a pillow case in vintage brown fabric.

And the other day my colleague told me that every other day her daughter comes with the wheat pillow: "Please mum, can you heat this for me!". Obviously very happy with the result!

This is why I love crafting!! It's all about helping others that can't or won't sew, but need something. And making other people happy!

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Susi said...

This is Gorgeous and such a wonderful GIFT!! I have one in the same style, and I love it, I use it for everything!!