Monday, 18 October 2010

Hair clips - and lots of them!

As you might have seen I have added a little picture on the sidebar here again. I will be on the Gunnebo Castle Christmas fair on the 20-21 November. Feels great, and scary. I know how much work I had to do last year, but this time I am a little bit more prepared. One of the main things I am doing is to make a lot of little things for my shop. Well, making hair clips and hair ties mainly... So far I have mostly listed the hair clips, the hair ties are much harder to take good pictures of, since the elastics goes wherever it wants when you put it on a flat surface. I will have to work something out there.

So. Here it goes. Lots and lots of hair clips. Pippi Longstocking and the Moomin characters are of course bestseller in the shop, but I also need to prepare for the coming season with some Christmas motifs. I also nicked a yellow fabric from my mum's stash (oooooh, lots of treasuries there!) that turned into cheereful yellow hair clips. Perfect for spring, so I think that a lot of Aussies will love these. And I have a couple of semi-neutral with gingham or hearts with gingham.

I see that a lot of adults buy these hair clips, so it's not only for kids! If you find one you like, be sure to grab it before someone else does. The moomin fabric is VERY limited and I am almost out of the yellow fabric.

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SUADDA said...

Vad kul att du vill vara med i utlottningen!
1 lott till dig! =)

Men oj så mycket undrbara saker du gör! Hit kommer jag fler gånger! =)