Friday, 10 September 2010

New hair clips, and where to put them....

I made some new hair clips for the shop. Not all of them are listed, but there will be a lot of Moomin&friends in the shop I can tell you that. Hair ties is on its way in too!

Now the problem arises of how to keep the hair clips organized. I've seen these boards with hair clips and decided to do one myself.
What you need.
  • One poster with glass and a frame.
  • One vintage linnen napkin
  • Ribbon, in my case FOE
The only thing you need to do is wrap the poster and the glass with the linnen napkin. Roll the ribbon a couple of times around the package. Add the back piece to it and pop the entire package into the frame. And then you're all set to go!

I just got my confirmation that I will be on Gunnebo Christmas fair this year too (only two months to go now!!), and I think I will bring this frame, or something similar to it to the fair. I would never had guessed that one frame could fit so many hair clips. YAY!

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