Monday, 6 September 2010

MondayMoodboard - Remember your heart!

Todays theme is hearts. But, not as in "I love you!", but more in the actual organ. You know, that little thing that sits in your chest and supplies your entire body with blod filled with oxygen and nutrients.

Before I had kids I exercised a lot, three-four times a week. A week after I found out that I was pregnant with our son I ran a half-marathon, and I continued to exercise up unitl 4-5 weeks before giving birth to him. Christmas came in between so there weren't any classes....

But then the kids came and changed everything. Somehow there were never enough time for me to exercise. Well, some weeks I would probably been able to workout one time, but then there could have been weeks-and-weeks until the next session, and I am far to competitive to be able to excercise that way. That is part of the reason why I took up sewing. I could do that when the kids were asleap.

Now my job schedule is changing, and I immediately jumped to the possiblity of start exercising again. Yesterday was my first day in the gym. My daughter has started "Funky kids" dance classes, and I got 45 minutes in the gym. YAY! Unfortunately I had calculated on it being 45 minutes, and forgot all about that I was watching her for the first 15 minutes, so when I had my muscles were working at maximum level, I suddenly hear a cheery "Muuuuummyyyyyy!", and then I realize that there's no time for stretching. So today... Well, I am a bit sore in my neck muscles, but apart from that - just dandy!

And for todays bonus theme - Supplies! Why not support your fellow European and buy some cute embelishments for your project!

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fleurfatale said...

wonderful teme, good luck with your newly started exercices!

Star of the East said...

Lovely theme!!

jealousydesign said...

Nice mood!