Thursday, 30 September 2010

Crocheted dress

I started crocheting a skirt for myself last winter, and when my daughter saw that she asked me to make her a skirt too. Mine is in charcoal wool, but I decided that she probably wouldn't like wearing one of those, so I grabbed a half-knitted sweater (I always manage to knit sweaters up to the armpit, and then I flunk out…), and recycled the yarn.

I started making a row of granny squares in white, pink and dark red. It made a nice contrast to the olive green of the dress. Then I decided to add a shell edging to it, making it a little prettier.

When it was getting warmer outside I kinda gave up on the skirt, so it has been in my UFO-pile for a while now, But since I am working on my UFO:s at the moment I grabbed a couple of weeks ago to finish it. When the skirt was about 25 cm (I had imagined finished length would be 30cm) I decided to try it on to make sure that it got a good fit.

My daughter jumped at the occasion of trying something new that is made especially for her. She pulled the skirt on and said: "Look mum what a nice dress I am wearing!"

"Well honey, it's not a dress, it's going to be a skirt."

"No mum, can't you see that it is a dress…?"

"Well, it ain't going to be a dress, it's a skirt."

"But muuuuum, it is dress!"

At that point I gave up arguing with a headstrong 4-year-old. So, I added 20 more centimeters, decreasing it in width over the chest and then kinda free-handed the shoulder straps. I had to ripple the neckline twice since it got to small for her to put her head through the opening.
When she tried it on for sizing she looked very pleased, but she was a bit troubled by the fact that it did not have any flower on the chest, so I had to add that too… Talk about having a lot of opinions on design!

Finally I added a couple of shell stitches around the armholes. I am pretty pleased with the outcome of the dress. It will be very interesting to see how it works when she wears it. I think it might stretch a bit, but I am not sure of how much it will stretch.

And speaking of UFO:s. My skirt is still not finished… Perhaps I should have a go at it and see if I can finish it before THIS winter…?


fleurfatale said...

oooh, beautiful, I like your colorcombination, and the granny squares.
I really want to see her wearing the dress!!!!

Vilt à la Kim said...

LOl, I can imagine who your conversation was like:) I really ove how you made it, looks perfect!!

ikketikketheo said...

wow incredibly wonderful!! you have to give us a live-picture too!!

Hello said...

Jisses, vilket jobb!!! Den blev verkligen jättesnygg!

Annabell said...

Oj, så söt!

Fia said...

Hjälp! Vilket jobb, blir såå impad. Kan knappt virka något alls längre...

Åsa Tidqvist said...

åh så fin! härliga färger, passar på hösten =)