Thursday, 2 September 2010

Artist, designer, crafter, seamstress??

When I crochet I have a lot of time to think about things in life. One thing that have taken a lot of time is how I see myself and my creating. What would I put down as a title on my business card?

Artist? I really can't see myself as an artist. My definition of artist (and some of you might disagree with this), is someone that does something really beautiful, but not necessarily very useful. A sculpture is beautiful, and of course it makes your home pretty, but it is nothing much you can do with it, except looking at it.

Designer? Well. I am a designer. I look at a fabric and goes "ok, what would I make out of this", and then I start working with new patterns and models and sizes. So yes. I am a designer. Would I design full time?? You know, choose a pattern, add some fabric swatches and then let someone else do it? Nooo. Definitely not. Call me control freak or something. But if I leave the sewing to someone else I would not be able to get all those new ideas during the time I am creating. I would say that at least 1/3 of my design process is actually made during sewing.

Seamstress? Lets put it this way, I need to sew to complete most of my projects. So obviously I am a seamstress. Would I have equal amounts of joy from making 20 identical items as from making 20 unique items. Absolutely not. I see some bloggers that starts has made 100 beanies when they are heading to a fair. And I am so impressed by them. Last year I made 15 skirts in different sizes and different fabrics, and I was so bored with it.

Crafter? This is probably the title I would identify most with. In Swedish this is called "hantverkare", which is translated into "working with your hands". Only problem is that plumbers, painters, carpenters are also called "hantverkare", and if you see a sign with "hantverk" on it, you will expect traditional things that are made with your hands. Knitted socks, wooden butter knives, embroidered towels. I have a hard time identifying myself with this as I see my clothes to be more contemporary and modern than that. On the other hand, in all crafts it means that you are practically using your artistic skills (I am not sure of how artistic plumbing can be, but you get the picture)

I still haven't answered my question. What will I put down on my business card? Well, I usually reffer to me as "designer and seamstress" when I tell people about my business. But seeing the last couple of posts here on the blog, perhaps I should write "A crafty designer"??
And what is even more interresting. Which one of these four categories do YOU identify yourself with??

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Aleisa said...

Crafty artistic designer, för du är ju konstnare, artist eller creator. jag håller inte alls med seamtress, uff, nej, det låter så fult!