Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer-sweets in seerzucker

Nope. It is definitely to hot for blogging. This dress was finished a couple of weeks ago, and then I decided to change it. It is my regular peasant style dress, but with a ruffle in the hem (yeah I knoooow, I promised that my blog would be ruffle-free, but I bought myself a new toy a while ago, so I won't be able to keep that promise!). And as an extra twist a white ribbon around the chest. This makes a little channel, where I have put a piece of elastics, and covered the opening with a bow.

I should have left it with that, but I ripped the hems around the arms open and changed that to white as well. I really do love this dress. Supersweet! I will definitely make more from my new adjusted pattern.

The material and pattern is actually the same as in these three dresses (sorry only in Swedish). A very small gingham seerzucker. These dresses were made two years ago, and they are still being used. I wanted to make the same triple-dresses, but somehow the dresses wanted something else than I wanted... I'll show you the other dresses another time.

I'm gonna take a couple of weeks of now, and I will close the shop as well. It is to hot for sitting at the computer, and I really could use some off-line-time now. Last year I had no withdrawal symptoms of being connected at all times, and if I am able to keep up that this year I will probably be back in mid August...

Have a nice summer! Or winter for those of you living on the other side of the World!


NorraSud by ROROISM said...


it's windy and stormy her e- finally!

Åsa Tidqvist said...

så söt! Ja det hade ju varit kul om vi hade torgat i Tidaholm tillsammans =)

Haw said...
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