Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Snow white and little bunnies...

Our kids looooves going to the thriftstore. The best part is that they are allowed to buy movies every time we are there. Only 5 SEK (about 0.60 USD) for a VHS film (and all the money goes to charity), which makes it legitimate to buy at least one movie each. By now we got a pretty exensive library of high quality films. Mostly Disney and Astrid Lindgren classics. One of the first film we bought was Snowwhite. And by then my daughter officially entered the PPP (=pink princess phase). So, when I found these fabrics on eBay with Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs I just HAD to buy them. There was two fabrics, one with only Snowwhite, and one with Snowwhite, the dwarfs and the stepmother. And somehow I bought both of them. Lucky for me that I did, since the pieces were to small to be able to make a descent item of only one fabric.

So I decided to combine them, and they have to come from the same collection, since they are a perfect color match. There was only enough fabric for a tunic, so I added some extra lace at the bottom to make it at least an inch longer. And I decided to put the mean stepmother on the back of the dress, so that it wouldn't be the first thing that you noticed about it. I was a bit dissappointed that the pattern was scattered in all directions, but my daughter actually prefered to have some of the patterns upside down. That way she is able to look at the pictures from the right point of view when she's wearing it. Never thought about that before, but really one should put all patterns upside down on kidsclothes. That way they will be able to see them right.

These little bunnies I bought from Gufobardo. They were intended for decoration and were really cute, and she was complaining about not getting any sales, so I thought I could be nice to her and buy them from her. The thumped their way to Sweden really fast and are now spreading the good Karma all around. Honestly, I am actually going to steal hear idea and turn it into something more Kaja-style in the autumn. For now on my daughter has adopted them. So she's playing house with daddy Rabbit, mummy Rabbit and baby Rabbit...


Vilt à la Kim said...

lovely dress and a great point of vieuw: upside down:)!!

I have 2 bunnies from Gufobardo too. Kids,love them

Fia said...

Absolutely wonderful! And since my daughter is also in the pink-period (and pippi...), the best way to ensure that she will wear clothes is to obey her wishes a bit, at least.

I have finally made a Roxy dress of a beautiful light yellow vintage pippi-fabric, it resembles some of your dresses quite a bit, but I see why you changed the time I´ll do som changes too!
I´m very, very interested in one of your dresses in your etsy shop, do you sew right now or are you officially on vacation..? I think I can make one myself but yours is so beautiful so I am actually considering buying it from you instead.

Pippi pinaforte dress, I think it was named.

You are such an inspiration, I love most of the things you sew!

BARBARIX said...

cute dresss! and intriguing theory!