Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New fabric and new model! WOW!

I saw this wonderful owl-fabric designed by Lotta Bruhn, a Swedish designer. I immediately fell in love with it, but since my shelves were pretty packed with fabric I decided to put on my shopping straitjacket. So it took a while, but then I bought it anyway. About the same time I saw this gorgeous new Farbenmix pattern, which is available for adults as well, that I wanted to try. I thought that an entire garment of that owl-fabric might be a little to much, so I combined it with a bright turquoise fabric.
I made this model with little puff sleeves with white lace elastics around the sleeves. I actually made two similar models at the same time, so there is a longsleeved without the puffs coming along, but since we had +30C/85F yesterday I thought that there really was no hurry in finishing that one. The fabric is cotton interlock, which actually makes it a bit thicker than a regular t-shirt, so I don't think it is suitable for those REALLY hot days.
All in all I am really pleased with the result. Usually I say that it takes three atempts on a new pattern to be able to sell it (since I always make alterations...), but this one I will probably keep as it is.

Oh yes, there is a green version of this fabric as well. So there is a possibility for making matching items for syblings, without being identical!


ikketikketheo said...

Verkligen fin skapelse Kaja!! Man ser så många "försök" att göra något speciellt... men denna var VERKLIGEN lyckad tycker jag!!

Fia said...

Så läcker!

Förresten, jag är på jakt efter hårspännen, enfärgade att göra egna av, ungefär som dina du gjort med pippi, var hittar man hårspännena? Har letat som en galning, men i vanliga butikerna hittar jag bara rosa...vill helst ha röda eller blå!

Aleisa said...

Loving it! Det var länge sen, jag har inte varit så sylustig men nu är jag tbx, ser att du är alltid här "al pie del cañón", hehe, skickar ett stort kram till dig!

Hege said...

Lekker kjole, og stoffet var helt nydelig!

willow and moo said...

Oh love that fabric!!! Super cute top! :)