Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tutorial: All you need to know about how to make hair clips and hair ties

Okay. I promised you a tutorial on how to make hair clips and hair ties. It is not very difficult to do, but practice makes perfect and have to admit that I threw a couple away before figuring out all details. Also, if only want to make a couple of them you might want to consider just buying from any of the sellers on Etsy, since all little details cost money and shipping and time. And it is not entirely possible that you end up paying more for supplies for 10 hair clips than buying them all finished and delivered to your door step. On the other hand, they are quite addictive to make…

First step is to cut out the fabric and for that you need a stencil or a pattern. I made my own. Take the measurements of the button, say 20mm, and draw a circle on cardboard paper with 20mm diameter. Then add another circle just outside that has 40mm in diamater. I basically just traced a ring around my button, and marked 1 cm outside that ring and draw the outer ring. There's probably some other way of doing this if you've got fancy equipment, but no one will laugh at you if you don't make perfect circles, since the edge will be hidden inside the button anyway. It is a good thing to cut open the hole in the middle though. This way you can put this over the pattern and see how your button will look like.

I like to use light-medium weight woven cotton fabrics with small prints. And then I use a pen to trace my pattern on the fabric. On the back side or on the front side. It doesn't really matter, as long as the pen doesn't bleed into the fabric. As I pointed out before you don't have to make perfect circles, so if you are on the edge of the fabric and don't manage to fit a perfect circle in, don't worry. As long as you keep about 2/3 (in my case 6-7mm) of the fabric to tuck in, then you will be all safe.

Next step is to cut out the fabric. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect, but a circle will make it easier to adjust the pattern so that it will be centered.
Now it is time to start with the buttons. Put the fabric over the tool. Make sure that the motif is in the center (here you see why I said that it is easier with a reasonbly circle shaped piece of fabric)
Next part is where you might need some practice. It took me a while on how to push down the button without getting the fabric to moove around. Try to push firmly in the middle, and make sure that the fabric is not slipping away
As you can see you have about as much fabric on each side sticking out on the side of the button, then the motif will be reasonably centered. Now try to tuck in as neatly as possible with little folds. Big folds will be visible from the back of the button. It won't have any effect on getting the pieces to stick together, but I'm a perfectionist here, and I want the back to look good too!
This is what you will have by now.
Next, add the bottom part of the button (with our without the shank). And use the upper half of the tool to push down. Just make sure that you push equally hard all over, and you will be fine. Here is the reason why I don't do denim; I would probably have blue nails if I did...
If you want to make hair ties. Just make a loop of the hair tie through the shank of the button and make a knot! Voila! You're all done! I prefer to use ties that are completely without any metal. These are the most comfortable to wear, but not very easy to find in the right size I'm afraid. Especially not here in Sweden were you would probably end up paying more for the hair ties than you could sell it for.
If you want to make hair clips you need to remove the button shank. I have seen buttons that comes without the shank. And I've even seen kits with button attatched to hairclip so you only need to cover it. Again it is a matter of price. I use a good pair of cutting pliers, and I usually use these to push through the remainders of the shank through the holes.

Use this instead of the shank-button bottom and the tool to attatch it to the button. Just make sure that you have it the right way, otherwise it will be pretty hard to use the tool!
Next comes the hair clip. I have bought hair clips with little glue pads on. And I use the E6000-glue, which seems to be the favourite among hair clip makers. It is not available here in Sweden, so it is internet shopping again. It makes a very strong glue, that is slightly elastic, which keeps the button securely in place. Make sure that you have the window open, since it has a pretty strong smell.

I have seen some that use the glue gun instead, and that seems to be working alright. But, stay away from any glue that is completely hard, since it is very easy to crack that glue from wearing and tearing...
Just attatch the hair clip to the back of the button. Let it dry for some time.
And this is what you come up with!

And, if you're feeling a bit summer lazy. Just go to my shop and buy yourself a couple of pretty ones, that are already made by me! Some of these goodies in the box are available in my Etsy shop already, and some will be posted in the next couple of days. Send me an email if you can't wait!


Åsa Tidqvist said...

de blir så fina!! tack för att du visade detta, de ser så proffsiga ut!

Lallis/Helene said...

Jättefina och vilken bra tutorial! Vart köper du själva clipsen?

fru-jansen said...

Flott tut! Veldig inspirerende.
Synes alt som skal limes er skummelt, leit hvis det løsner ved bruk. Men med riktig lim går det sikkert bra!
Må prøves!

Ønsker deg samtidig en flott sommer!

Thongbai Tatong said...

This is so cute, Kaja. I did not know that this is how you make it. You have lovely fabric and clip to go with them as well. I bet your daughter has got a dozen already, have a so talented mother;) Thank you for sharing.

hair clips said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial, with such nice photos and easy directions. And also for always posting such amazing stuff!! You are such an inspiration! I can't wait to give these cute hair clips a try! =)

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

oh! how easy!
i dream now about button making supplies!!!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so very much for sharing!

Lise said...

Vil bare takke for fine hårspenner som kom i posten for en stund siden. :) Den er kjempefine! :)

Pernilla said...

hej de är så fina hårspännen du gör. men vart köper du spännerna o "knapparna"
jag är inte jätte haj på engelska o de fanns ingen svensk text så därför jag rågar.