Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Thrift store bargains!

One of my favorite games when I was little was called "Resan" (The journey). You are supposed to take a trip through Scandinavia, ad in order to get between the cities you have travel cards that could be "walking", "bus", "train", "boat", "airplane". Each player gets four cards and you can only go to the next city if you have an apropriate travel card. If you don't have a card, then you could throw away one of the cards that you have in front of you, and hope to get a new one. First one back to the starting point wins. Sometimes there are alternate routes, but sometimes there is only one way to go.

It is really easy to comprehend the rules, which makes it suitable even for smaller children. My daughter (who's 4) immediately grasped the concept of the game. And it is also a thrilling game. Even if you get all the travel cards you get in the beginning, you could get stuck waiting for the train in Kiruna or a boat in Fredrikshamn, and all your opponents will be able to catch up and pass you!!
As I said, we had this when I was little, but my sister and I split up all games and jigsaws between us, and my sister got this one. I had forgotten everything about it, but then I saw it in a blog some time ago. I searched Tradera (Swedish eBay) and found it. But the regular price for it was like $10 + $6 (80SEK +50SEK) for the shipping. Pretty much for a used game... So I gave the idea up, and thought that I would buy it "later"...

Well. This Monday me and the kids went to a thrift store. And not only did we find an Asterix and Obelix VHS-movie for my son, a duvet cover with Beauty&theBeast for my daughter, a red duvet cover that I will use for some project later on, and a large embroidered pillow case. I also found this game! The game costed me $2 (15 SEK)!! And with all the other stuff I paid $10. Which is a real bargain. I was SO excited! And this was in one of the thrift stores that I usually don't find anything interesting at all in.

Usually thrift stores are not that cheap here in Sweden. I read a blog and she manages to buy dresses at a dollar a piece. Here in Sweden even junk dresses will cost you $5 and more, in most thrift stores.

Well, anyway. Since we bought this game we have been playing at LEAST one round every day. In a family where we have rarely managed to play a game, this is really outstanding. Perhaps it is because my daughter is growing up and understands the concept of games (waiting for your turn, moving along the set path, etc). And the game is just as much fun as I remembered!


Rita alias alatvian said...

Wishing your family much fun with the game!

Caroline said...

Å jag stod och nostalgihöll i ett Resan för 10 kr för ett par veckor sedan men det var nyare och korten och spelplanen hade annan grafik så jag ställde tillbaka. Det är annars ett spel jag spelat 1000 ggr som barn!

Anonymous said...

Åh nostalgi.
Hade glömt det spelet, nu måste jag nog kika efter det varje gång jag går på loppis.


Hello said...

Nostalgi är ordet! Det har sannerligen spelats ett oräkneligt antal gånger. Grattis till fyndet!