Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sunhats - and a midsummer trip

Every year I have made new sunhats for the kids. Their heads grow and their taste changes every year. Most years it has been from this bucket hat pattern that I really like. This year my daughter got a hot pink with white polkadots, white trim and white lining. My son got really cool racing cars that has fire coming out of the exhaustion pipe, on gray background and black lining.

Midsummer is a really big event here in Sweden. Next to Christmas is this the most important holliday and most people are having the same traditions from year to year, usually spending time with a larger group of friends. Our traditions were interrupted this year due to a dislocated knee of the hosts daughter. So, instead we just went to a local 4H-farm to celebrate Midsummer. On Midsummer day, we made a trip to The world of Astrid Lindgren. This was great fun, although the kids were a bit disappointed about not seing any of the guards on "The brothers Lionheart" (our favourite story at the moment) part of the park. Instead we got stuck the most part of the afternoon with this girl:
Yes indeed, it is Pippi Longstocking herself. At first there was a theater play, and then when it finished, all kids were allowed to come in to Pippi Longstockings house, and play with her and the officers, and lots of other characters from the book. They were talking to them, singing with them, chasing the thieves from the book. Absolutely hillarious! And then the Pippi theme song began to play, and then it was time for some more theater. It was like living in the story!

The picture of the kids is taken in one of the trees just outside her house.
One of the reasons I remembered that the kids needed new sunhats was that baby Declan
needed one, and his very talented mum Anna from The house of Mouse ordered one from me. All my hats are reversible, and she wanted some kind of light blue to match his eyes on one side, and this landscape motif on the other hand. I am pretty pleased with the adjustment of the fabric on this one. The top is a flat part, and here I have centered a soccer court. After all it is Soccer Championship at the moment!


vadjutka said...

cute hats kaja!!

Swiedebie said...

very cute hats you made for the kids. i love pippi too! mom used to buy tapes of her for us.

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Ta en paus med sjalen och virka en bil vettja!

Lycka till //A-E