Saturday, 5 June 2010

Spring swap - My gift!

I participated in the Spring Swap for the EuropeanStreetTeam. I sent my gift away some time ago to Hungary. And then I started waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting. *yawn*
And waiting.
After a while I thought that something might be wrong so I contacted our coordinator Vadjutka, and she told me that the package had indeed been sent, but came back to the sender...

So. It was resent. And after what seems to be a sightseeing tour around Europe, it FINALLY arrived in my mailbox. Technically it is already summer here, but watta heck...

I opened it. And my son was helping. And we both got thrilled.

Oh! There's a little box here - with a necklace in it. And here's another box, with another necklace! Oh that's one of my favourite designs from her! Mum! Here's a bag with something in it! And here's a package of chocolate, mum can I try? You didn't like it, well you like ginger with sushi, but perhaps not in chocolate - good then I can keep it to myself! Mum! There's a little clothes pin here! Look! Oh! Here's that brooch I saw in her blog! Love those!
It's like the Carlsberg commercial: "It's worth waiting for...." I remembered that I put down in my "wish list" that I wanted something for me, and not for my kids (they get to spoiled anyway), and I really did get spoiled rotten here! I have been looking at her necklaces forever now, but you really can't buy all lovely things you see, then you would quickly run out of money - and space in your house! That red flower necklace has already been worn twice (and complimented of course!)

What really impressed me was the packaging. I've always thought that I had a pretty descent packaging when I ship out things. I've had some compliments and thank you notes from customers anyway! But oh, oh, oh. When you see packages from a pro, then you know when you're a novice! Color coordinated, little ribbons tied around paper boxes, little flowers tucked in under the ribbons. Stamped flowers on little brown paper bags....

I was totally stunned! Ok. It IS a little easier to wrap up these little things pretty. Somehow clothes always ends up being the "soft gifts on christmas" (everyone knows that the fun things are in the hard gifts!). But still. I am sure going to take lessons from my secret spring swapper.

Oh! You want to know who sent me the gifts?? Well. Head over to Fleurfatales blog and shop, and get yourself your own goodie bag! I can't promise you that she will include any chocolate, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did!


Hello said...

Oh, dear, what a package! You´re a lucky woman, Kaja! And soooo worth getting spoilt rotten! :)

Morrgan said...

How wonderful! Lucky you! :D

Star of the East said...

Wow, Fleur has spoiled you, lucky duck :)

heartshapedcreations said...

Wow!!! Fleur's presies are amazing! You are soooo lucky!!! :D

fleurfatale said...

oooh, I am so glad you like everything!
and I was so worried about the package, don't know why it came back to me, haha!
I am so glad you are happy with it!