Thursday, 24 June 2010

Family time for appliqué!

I got so many ideas for new clothes, but sometimes I end up making the same thing over and over again, since this is what the customer wants. So, when customer asks me to do something that I have been thinking of - well the better!

Only thing is... sometimes projects seems to be living a life of their own. This one started off as beige pants with a tractor appliqué from an orange vintage fabric with farm-life motif. Great!
Only problem... when I started to look for pictures that would inspire me of how to draw the appliqué I couldn't decide on which tractor was the coolest. So, I decided to go for an expert advice on what is cool for a child. My son. 6 years, and loves everything that has an engine in it. He decided on this tractor.
But, then the orange fabric would not work... The prints were to large and the tractor had to many details. So, I made a U-turn and decided to make a colored tractor and black tires. A large one. But then I made a smaller one, just in case, perhaps I could use it for a shirt later on?? As it turned out the smaller one was better. I put it on the right leg, but I soon moved it over to the right leg. But then I would need some kind of appliqué on the right leg. A waggon, or a plow. Well. A waggon it is. I had ideas for making soil appliqués as hem, but luckily I stopped there.
I said family time in the subject of today. Well. I borrowed the lower part of my daughters legs to take the pictures. These are a size 3T(98cl) and she is probably a 4T(104cl) or even a size larger. So she had to wear them just so she could pull them over her thighs. This way they LOOK as if they would fit her... Don't believe everything you see!
Then there was only one problem remaining. How to get those pants of my daughter, since she started insisting on that they were hers....