Friday, 28 May 2010

Summer bonnets for little girls

You can tell that it is getting warmer, because there has been a lot of questions of my little bonnets. And I found a PILE of them in my wardrobe. I got them back from Butik Unik, and I never really bothered to list them in my Etsy shop. Why should I list summer bonnets in the middle of the winter?? Well I had a few ones in the shop and actually sold a few to Australia and New Zeeland, that had summer in December. But, I am going to list them in my shop now soon.

Here are two bonnets and one of them is already on a little french girls head, and the other one is listed in the shop.
These bonnets are so practical. Covering up the head and the neck properly. Giving the face some shadow and properly tied under the chin, so that it won't be pulled off every other second. We loooved this model when my daughter was about a year, and I think she had them in all colors and styles. The style of bonnet is from the 1950's, but I think that they work today as well!

And here's another bonnet with a recycled Pippi Longstocking fabric on its way to the US.

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