Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stocking up for summer

Summer seems so long away. We're in mid May and this morning we had +4C/40F. By lunch the temperature had risen to a whopping +8C/46F. So, my short sleeved dresses are still safely tucked away in the back of the wardrobe.

But. If that Icelandic volcano stays calm and nothing unexpected happens it WILL be summer. Sooner or later. And, since I know how fun it is to try to sew something when it is +30C/90F or more, I just thought I'd be on the safe side and start sewing my peasant dresses now.
First dress is from that vintage DDR fabric I was able to buy a year ago. I made a dress for my daughter and that was our favourite that summer. Just squeeze it into a bag and it will still resurface without wrinkles. If you wash it in the sink it will dry in minutes, something that might be good when those little ones spill juice and water all over the dress or is playing with water. I made two of these in sz 18mths (86cl) and 2T (92cl). Both available in the shop.

The next dress is something special for my daughter. With that darn cat on it... But if my little princess wants to have a cat on her dress, she shall have it. Fabric from Tygaffären, but I don't have any more of that one.
And the last one is with large retro styled white flowers on red background. Again fabric from Tygaffären. I've got it in purple too, and will probably add these in the shop. This is a great quality, almost a little satin like. It will probably be pretty wrinkle free too! Size 6 yrs (116cl) will be available in the shop soon.

And I've stocked up on Pippi Longstocking skirts. 5 of them in different sizes. It is SO boooring to make things like this, but Pippi is popular, so I might as well stock up on her! At least as long as my fabric lasts...

Speaking of Pippi. Remember to join in on my giveaway!


Gryda said...

Nydelig! Sommerlig! Jeg likte både stoffet og fasongen på blomsterkjolen spesielt godt.

Gryda said...

En tilleggskommentar: du skriver at du har DDR-klänningen i shopen, men bare opp til 2 år. Har du tyg nok til å lage en i str 3 år, på bestilling fra meg?