Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lots of custom orders!

Well. You can tell that the summer is approaching. Suddenly I got a huge rush in the shop, especially for summer clothes! I am sewing as fast as I can and there will be more added in the next week, but I still need to take pictures of everything.

First one is for a little boy in Texas, USA. I have a similar shirt in the shop, but that one has long sleeves, so his mum asked for a short sleeved. And considering that Texas can have temperatures around 40C/100F I think that might be a good choice!

Second one is custom order for a little girl in NewHampshire on the US EastCoast. She's turning three this summer and will have a Pippi Longstocking themed birthday party. Her mum also asked for the Pippi hair clips and pony tail holders, that I wrote about a week ago, which will be party favors.

I never showed you the little bags I made for the hairclips. It is Swiedebie's excellent recycle tutorial that has inspired me. I printed a Pippi picture on one side and my logo and web address on the other and sew the two pieces together, and added a little scalloped edge with those nifty scissors. And a little ribbon to keep it together. I am really pleased with this.

This is a new model of my x-backed pinafore. This is just slightly wider than my regular pinafore. Enough to be able to wear a dress under, but not oversized. And, since I am almost running out of Pippi-items in the shop I decided to make an extra x-backed pinafore with red trim for the shop.

Right now I am all out of Pippi skirts, but I will be adding more very soon. Remember that this light blue fabric is discontinued, so if you want something for your little special one, make sure you order SOON! My mum found 1,5 meter (a little bit more than 1,5 yards) in her fabric stash when I visited her last week, which she graciously gave to me, but still - when I'm out, I'm out...


Swiedebie said...

congrats on your huge order, Kaja! and i am happy to know you made use of my tutorial to make your own lovely packaging. i am sure your clients will love them.

Lucie said...

Wow! Beautiful customs orders Kaja! I love your packaging!

HanneLT said...

Flotte plagg! Moro å sende klær world wide :)