Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Etsy-versary!

Well. Today is my official Etsy-versary! I've been registred to Etsy for little more than a year now, but it wasn't until I joined my team that I really started to understand what Etsy is all about. So. I decided to use 17:th of May as starting date. So, how have I done?? Time to sum up!

I really didn't know what to expect, but since I am doing this when my kids are asleap, I really can't let my business grow to much. A sale a week, possibly two is about what I am able to cope with. Especially if I want time to make anything for myself or for my kids. After all that is why I started sewing in the first place. So. That has to be my first goal. 52 sales in one year. Or, perhaps a little bit less since I had my shop closed for about 7-8 weeks during the year.

The last week has been incredible with 6 sales in 5 days! Seems as people are stocking up of my lovely peasant dresses for summer!

It didn't take long until I realized that hearts was something very important. Hearts are a way of showing that you like that shop, or a bookmark to find your way back to a shop. I had a goal of 50 hearts per month, which would sum up to be 600 hearts. And the last month the hearts has been gushing over me. And today I have 623 hearts. Not bad.

As many of us has realized heart does NOT always result in sales. Especially if you are doing OOAK (OneOfAKind) children's clothes. Not only do you need to find a potential buyer, you also need to find someone that has a child in a suitable size. This dress below here has 50 hearts and 1550 views, and it is still not sold. I made one in baby size and that one has been shipped to Australia.
And. The last one then... Or the first perhaps? The frontpages. One hour of free commercial on Etsy's frontpage. And you can't buy it. You have to deserve it! A lot of Etsy members makes treasuries which Etsy Admin looks through and decides if they like it, and then they put it on the FrontPage. Of course you need to be active and make treasuries yourself and have really good pictures that are made in a way that they look good in Treasuries. A goal of 1 a month is REALLY high set, especially since there is no direct way of making it happen. But. Thanks to my lovely team (who is absolutely crazy about making Treasuries), and a lot of clicking and commenting on other Treasuries and making a good deal of them myself (still waiting for one of mine to hit the FP though...), I've actually made it to the FrontPage 14 times during my first year! YAY!

To sum up my goals:

Sales - 50/52
Hearts - 623/600
FrontPage - 14/12

So. Time to set up my goals for next year. Well. I find it hard to beat this result. But I will sure give it a try! Wish me luck!


Mami Made It said...

Congrats! You are really successful! Wish you that it will go in in the way you want it!

Hello said...

Lycka till!!!

Och grattis till framgången! Nu kan du snart gå ner i arbetstid och förstärka kassan med sömnaden istället!

Michelle said...

So great,

Rita alias alatvian said...

Happy Etsy-versary sweet Kaja!
The way to go!!!

b*lota said...

Happy Etsy-versary, Kaja! You are an inspiration to us, newbies. :-) Hope the coming year is as wonderful or more than the first one!