Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Etsy Secret Springswap

I decided to join in on the Secret SpringSwap that the EuropeanStreetTeam was arranging. My secret recipient was the very talented panyizsuzsi from Hungary. I had of course hope that I would get a member with kids in suitable ages and it would have been a piece of cake. Well. Suzsi has kids, but she never told me how old they were... So. I had to make something for her. Jeez! Talk about kamikaze-mission! I had her size and knew that she liked red, but not pink. That was about it. And no picture to see how she looks like. Not an easy task!

So. I decided to use this red cotton-viscose jersey. It has a nice fall and will probably be very comfortable in the summer. I got a mail and it seems as if I actually managed to make it the right size too!

I had some problems while making it. Mainly due to the approaching deadline. But I am really pleased with it, and now I want to make more adult clothes. Perhaps even a little something for me??

1 comment:

ingermaaike said...

Lucky Zsuzsi! It is a gorgeous shirt :-D