Saturday, 8 May 2010

Colorful adult clothes!

Here in Sweden we don't celebrate Mother's day until the end of May, but a lot of countries are having their celebrations tomorrow. And just in time for this, I have placed my first adult item in the shop that isn't a custom order. But, more about that later.

This first one is a custom order heading for UK. I made a similar one for myself a year ago, and I really wanted to make an identical one, but as it happens I had only bought a limited amount of fabric, and by then I was aiming to sew children's clothes. So, I missed like an inch or so to be able to make a copy. Instead. I made it inverted. With the beautiful "Butterfly dreams" from Stenzo on the arms and the delightful white polkadots on turquoise from Sanetta. Both of really high quality. I've worn my shirt a lot, and it is still in exactly the same shape and shade as when I made it! Great!
I used hot pink ribbing around the neck, and hot pink fold over elastics around the wrists as an extra oumpf to it! As it needed it before... ;-)
Second item today is already out in the shop. The beautiful "Estio lindo" from Stenzo that I made into a short sleeved shirt. I used hot pink ribbing that is matching one of the shades in the flowers. This fabric is so soft and colorful. I do hope that it is possible to get all those vibrant colors across your computer screen! And just imagine how good this will look with a little tan. Mmmm!

This is in size Large (Eur 40-42), and I don't think I have enough for one more adult shirt in that shade. I've still got turquoise and green though for a smaller size.
And yes. I have realized that if I should make more adult clothes I really need a mannequin. But no worries, it's already on its way home to me. That way I will be able to take pictures that are a little bit more interresting than lying flat on the back!


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Both tops are gorgeous!