Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Clearing out the wardrobes!

Yes. It's spring cleaning in our house now. I have a walk in closet in my sewing room. My hubby keeps his shirts and t-shirts in it. I have some fabric and most of my finished items in it. And somehow the kids outgrown clothes has been in the same wardrobe. And on top of everything the kids has used the closet for playing house in, preferably with my fabric and some of the clothes as blankets. It keeps them occupied while mummy is trying to sew during daytime. Somehow I managed to keep my clothes away from them (keeping them in large boxes with lids that are hard to open).

Need I to say that it looked terrible??

But the noise from that wardrobe... I can't really focus on creating if its to messy in my sewing room, and that wardrobe has been calling my for some time now: "cleeeeeeear meeeeee ooooooout!"

Well. Now I have done it. It is SO neat! A HUGE sack of clothes for charity. Lots of shelves with neatly arranged piles of t-shirts and sweaters. A rack of shirts that is arranged by color. And even one of the shelves that has some blankets on it and space for the kids to play on!

And, a lot of auctions on Tradera, the Swedish version of eBay! Lots of clothes in perfect state, so grab yourself a bargain!

Check out my auctions, lots of denim clothes at the moment! More coming up as soon as I have the energy to take photos and write descriptions

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