Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pirates, pirates, pirates

Lots of new things in this post. New model and new fabric. Well, it is new to me at least, most Swedish bloggers has already filled their little ones wardrobes with pirates, this is actually what might be one of the last pieces of this fabric remaining. It is of course the talented Swedish designer Johanna Ahlard who has designed this. The model of the tops is new too. With a little shoulder piece of fabric that makes it almost a mix of a raglan cut and a regular shirt. I've matched the shirts with lime green fabric, that is the same shade as in the shirt prints.

The larger one has been sent to a little guy, whose mum complained about not having colorful and cheereful clothes for boys. Prefferably with suitable patterns, like pirates... The smaller one, which should be a size 2-3T (92-98cl) will be out in the shop.
I made one for my son too. This time with black fabric on the arms, just to see the contrast. This made the shirt a bit cooler, but also much more "wintery", the other ones seems more suitable for spring or summer. His is from my pattern that I call "J:s tight snowboard" from a shirt I made last year. Not very selling description, ey?
And yes. I just had to add an extra picture of the shirt that will be for sale. On this you can see the pattern better, and the shoulder pieces are also more visible.


Hello said...

Åh, piraterna blir alltid så fina! Jag kan inte längre förstå att jag först inte tyckte tyget var nåt att ha (för att rapporterna var så stora). Nu är jag helfrälst och så lycklig över att ha fått köpa en bit till från en annan sybloggare, så Loppan kan få mer pirater! Ska nog bli en klänning till sommaren, tror jag.

Jag tycker grönt blir väldigt snyggt till, men jag har också sytt med både rosa, lila och orange vilket också blir rätt läckert.

Fia said...

Så läckra!

Håller ditt pirattyg? Mitt går sönder vid täcksömmen: trots alla möjliga ändringar, plus nålbyte????
Vågar inte sy mera av det nu bara för det...