Monday, 12 April 2010

J shirt

The original idea for these fabrics was that my sons name starts with the letter "J" and, since this fabric has a pattern of J:s all over and also is called "JJJJJ". And, besides he needed a couple of extra shirts. But then I got it home. And honestly, I've patted a lot of knitted fabrics during my years of sewing clothes, but this has to be the without comparison softest fabric I have ever felt. It is absolutely AMAZING!

So I started cutting a little here and a little there and ended up with two shirts. This is one of them. With the crimson red J-fabric on the sleevs and very soft black cotton interlock. And with a J-appliqué on the chest. So simple, but so stylish! And my son looooooves it!

1 comment:

KlaramedK said...

tjusigt alltihopa!! låter som världens skönaste tyg!!

du har en uitmärkelse att hämta på min blogg!!