Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cats, cats, cats - and some leftovers??

Some projects are like snowballs. You start with a little something, and then you're up to your neck in sub-projects. This one started of with my son asking for new velour pants in boot cut style (you can see them in the bottom of this post).

Since the fish bone fabric was pretty expensive, but REALLY soft and the boys sections in the shop are pretty empty at the moment I decided to make a shirt. Hm. It turned out that the pieces were to small for a large shirt, but you could very well make two smaller ones. Ok. I'll make two shirts then.

Since the patterns of the grey fabric is leftovers of little fishes, I wanted to make appliqués with a cat theme. So I made one, and I put it on a safe place for keeping. Then I started to make the other one (the cat licking the paw), and when I started searching for the first cat - it was gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. I went through the waste basket, all my piles af half finished products, my desk, under the sewing mashines, in the fabric stash. Nope. Still gone. Darn! Well, I'd better make a new one then.
After a while my daughter came to look at what I was doing, and I asked her if she had seen a cat. Of course not. Well. By then the ironing was done and I approached the sewing machine. And you know what, on the top of the WHITE sewing machine was a WHITE cat! My daughter immediately snatched it, and started to play with it. When she was finished I spotted that red dress with hearts on it that was supposed to have an appliqué on it, but that my daughter snatched before I was able to finish it (I DO have to work really hard to keep up with the pace of my kids!). So I decided to add that cat on her dress now.
And yes. Here is the root of everything. The fish bone pants. Very soft and comfy with ribbing and extra elastics in the waist. The turquoise was a previous project, that I never was able to catch on picture before they started running around in the house and were soon covered with strawberry jam and something else, that is not suitable on pictures...

The two fishbone shirts with the cats will be out in the shop. Size 74/80 (9-12mths) and 86/92 (18-24 mths).


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