Sunday, 14 March 2010

A hat for my hubby

During the Olympic games I really didn't want to sew anything. It was much cosier to snuggle up in the couch and knit or crochet. And, since both our kids already had received hats, I decided to make one for my hubby. Nothing fancy. Just 2x2 rib knitting in grey. That's what I thought at least. Then I ran out of yarn... So, I had to dig into my yarn stash and see what I could possibly do. I decided to go with the teal yarn. After two rows I thought it might look a bit odd with only teal yarn, so I decided to make it striped. After a while I realized that it looked like a bull's eye. And since we were watching curling on TV (Swedish ladies won a gold medal after a thrilling final against Canada) it really worked with the theme.
Here's my daughter trying the hat on. It is a bit large for her, but since my hubby has 3 inches more in head circumference I can assure you that it works on his head. It is made from grey organic wool, from the same kind as the other two hats, and absolutely itch free!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous Hat!!!

Hello said...

Härligt överraskande!