Monday, 15 March 2010

Bonnets - The returning of the birds

Spring is rapidly approaching, and so does all the migratory birds. They arrive here in Sweden when the days are getting longer and brighter. You know, the other day I woke and realized that the sun was shining outside and the birds were chirping. Such a HUGE difference from only one month back when it was pit dark going to or from work, and not a sound from any bird, except for the screaming from an occasional magpie fighting over bread leftovers from the breakfast table.

And talking about birds. Here is another bird, that also is a sure sign of the spring. These bonnets are called "Kråka" in Swedish (English: Crow), and are excellent for spring or for sunny summerdays. They cover the ears and neck, give a little screening from the sun over the face. And still, they are airy enough to be worn even in very warm weather (my daughter wore them in Slovenia, where we had 35C/95F and the ribbons around the cheek makes sure that they are kept in place!

The first one is a custom order from Germany in sz 12 mths and is a plain white bonnet with little heart buttons.

The second one is a bonnet in sz newborn. This one is also in crisp white cotton fabric, but on this one I've added some lace and a couple of decorative stitches, topped off with mother of pearl buttons. This one would look great as baptising bonnet, or perhaps just to match a very colorful dress. Available in the shop now!! I've also got other colors available, but please contact me if you need any other size! I make them from doll's size up to sz 3-4yrs.

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h/saltaste bönan said...

Oj så söt!! Ser ut som Luke Macahans mormornflickvän. Blir riktigt nostalgisk.