Thursday, 25 February 2010

More trading

Well yes. I have traded some more. Liza from SmåYrväder saw my trade with Hello a while ago. So, she asked me to make her a tunic in sz 9-12mths. I started with one. And I knew that last time I made a tunic in knit fabric and from my own made pattern I had some problems with it. And the curse was still valid...
So. I was almost finished. Frilly hem. Puff sleeves. Only the neckline to go. And what do I do?? I use a stitch that can't be unmade, and I sew the elastics into the seam! GAAAAH! I can't trade an item that is not perfect! So I considered this to be a prototype, and added it into my shop! Really, it will still do the job and most people wouldn't even have noticed it, but I only sell items that I think has a reasonable quality, and this is not my usual standard!
So. I made a simliar one, but I used light pink thread on the seams instead. This made the dress appear a little calmer (if two mixed patterned fabrics in different colors ever can appear calm...). I do hope that she will be pleased with the result!!
Oh yes. I still have more of this fabric, and the hot pink fabric with fairies and cats is organic! YAY for colorful fabric that is organic!


LizA said...

Den är helt UNDERBART fin! Kommer bli perfekt i sommar:) Din del av bytet kommer i postlådan i början av nästa vecka :)

Hello said...

Åh, så fin! Vår tunika går mellan barnkropp och tvättmaskin. Byrå känner den inte till!

Har du förresten sett att mjukatyger har börjat sälja det rosa? Där finns nog en del annat som också skulle kunna tänkas intressera dig. (Under USA/specialerbjudande)

Steffi said...

Very beautiful tunic!