Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Knitted woolen hat

I have a mantra, a saying that I keep repeating to myself.

"If you spend one hour of doing something that you are already good at, you will improve your skills slightly, but if you spend that hour on something that you're not that good at, then you will improve your skills much more"

So. If you want to improve yourself, start doing things that you're not that good at!!

Well. I am not that good at knitting. I don't have the patience for it. I don't like patterns that needs so be increased or decreased one or two stitches every other row, which means that you have to keep track on which row you're at. But for some things fabric just don't do it.

So here is another attempt of improving myself. A knitted hat. I have actually already made one for my son, but that one has not been caught on picture, yet...
I found this gorgeous organic wool in different colors on sale so I just could not resist it. And after completing the neckwarmers a while ago how hard can a hat be?? Same thing, K2, P2, but with some K2Tog in the end...

So my daughter picked out these four colors, which actually will match all her jackets. Both the two winter ones and the one in the next size.

When I should start decreasing I realized that I should use some kind of system on how to decrease so I found my Stitch 'n Bitch Handbook, which had been sitting very pretty on the shelf, but not really contributing to anything. And it had a pattern for a beanie. Not the same amount of stitches, but same idea. So I did my own version of it, and this is the result.

Even if you're not a avid knitter, you can still appreciate the feeling of your kids wearing your hat. What you have made with your own hands are keeping their little heads warm. And somehow you get MORE of that feeling when you have knitted the hat, rather than sewed it. Partly because sewing a hat takes like 30 minutes, and knitting a hat (at least for me) will take like 5 hours. And partly because that when you are knitting you are more down to the roots of making something, when you are sewing someone else has made the fabric for you, in knitting YOU are making the fabric. It makes me feel connected to my roots and previous generations.

Now, if I only could lay my hands on a spindle and a sheep I could REALLY make my own things. But perhaps I should try to learn to knit something more advanced than hats and neckwarmers first??


Hello said...

Inte så bra på att sticka? Pyttsan! Den är ju otroligt jämnt och fint stickad!

Hälsa dottern att färgvalet är väldigt bra gjort!

Martice said...

I have the same attitude towards knitting as you :)) don't like patterns! ;)

jealousydesign said...

Jätte fin mössa. Tycker det verkar som att du kan sticka allt du vill. Det jag sett än så länge ser ju jätte bra ut!