Friday, 26 February 2010

Etsy Admin Frontpage!!

I was so excited last Sunday. I got a message from Statsy, that nifty little tool that lets you know that you have been featured. And, what is different from this FrontPage from my other ones, is the others have been my team members making Treasuries (collections of wonderful things, often with a theme). But this time, the admins found me! And more speficifcally, then found my Denim apron dress. I got like 800 visitors, with lots of hearts and views on all my items!!! YAY! I had a dream that I would beat 500 shophearts before the end of February. And thanks to this Frontpage I really did make it! Double-YAY!

Everyone that is selling on Etsy knows just how hard it is to get even a second of fame. There are over 5 million items listed right now, and that means that it takes a lot of hard work to get noticed. My team is of course my best help in this.

There are often complains about that Etsy admins have their favourites. And these items tend to get chosen over and over again. Which makes you see them on newsletters, frontpages and everywhere else. They get a lot of free commercial. Free?? Well. Actually it is usually very well deserved. They've got excellent item description, and fantastic pictures. And I know for sure that they have worked very hard for it.

I've been working very hard with my pictures lately. Since it is in the middle of the winter and hence being very dark here., this makes it really hard to take good pictures. So, this admin frontpage is definitely a receipt that what I am doing is working. And after my fifth or sixth photo on some of my item REALLY is that much better than the first one.

Let's just hope that the admins have hearted my shop and will be back for more... *crossing fingers*


mysigtdesign said...

Din klänning är ljuvlig, förstår om många intresserade sig för den!

Hello said...

Åh, så roligt! Gratulerar!!!

GOBLIgobli said...

Wow, du är en riktig Etsy-veteran! :-) Congrats! Men vafalls, har man snygga grejer så. ;-)

ikketikketheo said...

You deserve it! Your apron dresses are just so lovely!!