Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Two more Pippi Longstocking tailored dresses, sz 5-6 (110/116cl)

This is absolutely one of my most popular model and most popular fabric. It is a lot of work with them, and almost every time I wonder why I bother to make them, but when I see the finished result I am so glad I made them! They're absolutely gorgeous! They are slim to normal fitting, but with the right measurements I can make them for heavier children as well!

As you can see on this dress with red trim I top stitch all seams, which is part of why the dress takes so long time to make. And there are a lot of pattern parts as well, so there are a lot of seams. But that also gives this dress a wonderful tailored look.
Elastics around the arms, the best for comfortable wearing, and little girls that likes to dress themselves.
This green one is a custom order heading for the USA. The red one will end up in the shop, but if you have a need for that dress, please hurry, these usually don't tend to sit in the shop for long!
Here's a new detail. I usually made a different kind of back for these dresses, but you know me - always trying to improve things. So I decided to try the Gecko method for seambindings in slits. And I think I like it!


Kattis said...

Hej hej! Du hittar verkligen så härliga tyger till kläderna du syr! Det är så kul att se vad du syr! Därför har du fått en utmärkelse på min blogg att hämta. (http://blogg.designkatrina.se)

Fia said...

Så jättefina! Jag måste ta och sy något liknande själv för pippi är poppis härhemma..!

willow and moo said...

Such a sweet dress. I think that top stitching adds excellent detail and also structure. I'm a big fan of it. :) It would definitely take me less time to make my rainbow redondos if I didn't topstitch, so I can totally relate.

Lillsnörpa said...

Vilken fin klänning!/Lillsnörpa

Venke said...

Den der var otrolig fin! Har bara en liten bit kvar av det tyget jag nu - og dom skal vel inte produsera det mer! BUUUHUUU! Hoppas det kommer nånn bra ersetning!