Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year and Etsy FrontPage!!

I am getting SO spoiled here!! My second Etsy FrontPage in one week! Seems as if 2010 will be a grrrrrrrreat year! Thanks Apol from Lapomme and Lapommevintage helped me this time. And yes, it is the same woman who I sent the little dress to before Christmas. So, what goes around comes around!

And yes. I really do hope that 2010 will be better than 2009. It started with waking at my nanas bed before she died. Then complete lack of energy until May due to a whopping caugh during the autumn of 2008. The summer was great, and I made a lot of new friends on the Etsy EuropeanStreetTeam and the trip to Slovenia with lots of swimming and adventures was great!

Then came August and it started with getting seriously ill on the ferry, a lot of pain, ambulance and one week in the hospital. In mid September it was time for my surgery that was supposed to be made with laporascopy, but went terribly wrong and I ended up with a 17 cm/7inch scar across my tummy, 4 more days in the hospital and even more pain. It wasn't until mid November that I consider myself somewhat recovered... The fair at Gunnebo castle was of course great, and the Christmas hollidays with skiing really gave me back a lot of strength and energy.

Somehow I have managed to keep my creativity during the year. So, it will be VERY interresting what I will be able to do this year!!

Happy New Year everyone, may this year be filled with good health, joy and creativity!


Hello said...

17 cm!!!! Kära nån! Ja, en klen tröst är att 2010 får jobba rätt hårt för att bli sämre än 2009 för din del... Och med tanke på början så finns alla chanser till ett riktigt gott 2010! Det önskar jag dig!


Vindling said...

God fortsättning på det nya året önskar jag dig. Hoppas innerligt att året ska bli bättre för dig än förra året var.

Och grattis till ytterligare en förstasida, jag är inte förvånad. :)

yngla said...

Galet kul start på 2010! Vi får väl hoppas att fortsättningen inte bjuder på några nya ärr...

Fast om det är nån tröst så har min man säkert 75 cm ärr eller mer efter en än mer misslyckad operation.