Friday, 8 January 2010

Fleece pants

I said to my hubby the other day. I really LOOOOOONG to sew something. I haven't crafted anything since mid December. Well. Since the Santa costume I showed you the other day hardly is "nothing" and the neckwarmers are something too. I realized that I did something. Then I remember that I made fleece pants on Christmas day. We went skiing on Boxing day and since it was so darn cold we had to have extra clothes. Somehow the kids got fleece sweaters and jackets, but no pants. And since hunting down the stores either on Boxing day or the day before Christmas is not one of my favourites, I decided to make them myself.

Nothing fancy really. One pair of grey pants with a green star and green fold-over-elastics (I cut after an old pattern, and he's been growing since, so my seam allowance wasn't enough for a fold...). And one pair of dusty pink pants with a grey heart. My daughter has already put a "wery cosy and soft and fluffy sweater to go with the pants, please mum" on her wish list.

I actually made a second pair of the dusty pink ones too, but shorter. My nana wore them and insisted on us wearing these shorter pants, probably made by some warming material like a wool knit. Well in the middle of the 80's when underwear was almost invisible I really didn't appreciate these, but as I've grown older I often use these, especially when I wear a skirt and it is cold outside. And as a compromise for a strong headed girl that ONLY will wear skirts and dresses, it is possible to wear things that you can't see.


Hello said...

Jag tror det gick fortare att sy två par än att försöka hitta två par i affärerna kring jul...!

De blev fina! Den rosa färgen är jättehärlig!

Duracellmamman said...

Fleecebyxor är ju nästan ett måste så här års, ja i den här kylan iallafall. ¨Nästan så att man börjar längta efter sommaren nu ;-)

Så fina bilder på barnen & tomten!! De båda ser minst sagt nöjda ut :-D

Hade Ni det bra i fjällen?

Önskar Dig & Din fina familj en trevlig helg!

Varma kramar!!