Friday, 29 January 2010

Award - and what makes a good blog

About a week ago I was thinking of which blog that was my favourite blog. I follow more than 100, but which one would be my favourite? It has of course to be someone with fun ideas, prefferably with a reasonable talent for sewing. Nice pictures of course. And some inspiring texts to go with it.

Well. How about me? I've got like 100 followers of this blog, but would I really be able to make it to anyones top 10 list? Of course my pictures are improving, as my sewing skills. I write a lot of text (hard time keeping it short) and I think I get at least a few good ideas every year.

Then this Creative Blogger award came, and within the last week I have gotten this award from five different persons. Klara med K, Hello, Aleisa and K*Design, Design Katarina. Thank you ever so much! At least I am creative enough to end up on four persons top list.

If you get this award you should:
  • Copy the award to your blog
  • Link to the person that has awarded you the award
  • Tell 7 interresting things about yourself
  • Choose 7 other blogs that you want to award this award to
  • Link to their blogs
  • Comment on their blog that you have given them this award.
Ok. 7 interresting facts about myself.
  1. I love problems and trouble shooting. If someone tells me that it is impossible, it is like holding up a red sheet to a bull. I just HAVE to solve it!
  2. I love to start new projects. Sometimes I get so many ideas while cutting that I end up with a pile of cut or halfsewn projects. Only to discover something that should improve the pattern... Yes. My UFO pile is enormous!
  3. The only thing I have EVER thrown in the wall was a knitting. I was trying to make a Norwegian "Lusekofte" (fair isle knitting kind of style) and I pulled to tight while changing colors. In pure frustration I threw it in the wall. Luckily a piece of yarn and two needles doesn't make that much impact on the landing surface. I still try to knit a lot, just to practice my patience.
  4. I have worked as a teenage journalist on the local newspaper, and got a few pointers on how to write. I even had thoughts about working as a journalist, but I realized that I would not like to PRODUCE creative and whitty articles on a deadline. That is also the reason why I would never work with sewing/crafting full time. I am afraid that the deadlines would kill my creativity.
  5. I am really good at managing 100 things at the same time, whithout writing it down. And I count on that I can do it. In some periods (as when I was pregnant) I don't manage to do this and then I have to pay back...
  6. I don't have any formal education of sewing. But my mum and both my grandmothers has always been sewing, knitting, embroidering and crocheting so I guess I have picked up few things here and there. I actually took an evening class in 1990 of "how to make underwear" and manage to produce a few sexy ones! I don't have any respect for fabric, and I am always willing to try something new or to improve something old. I think that is one key ingredient to make a successful designer.
  7. I have very long legs. My hubby is 6'3" and I am 5'8" and we have the same length on our legs. 34". Which reminds me that I really should make my own pants pattern, since I always have trouble finding pants that fit.
Then for the last post of this award. Who deserves to get awarded? Well. To many, that's fore sure.

So. I will just award it to everyone that I have bought or traded with during the last year (or as with Yrväder currently is trading with).

And, I suspect that most of you are REALLY curious of what I have from these fabolous crafters, so this will be posted in a separate blogpost! And I can vouch for their talent and quality!


Hello said...

Smickrande lista att finnas med på! :) Blogginlägget om bytet kommer imorgon.

Vilt à la Kim said...

wouw I feel houred. I just started my blog a few months ago...... I will need to read you post after I got the kids from school! Thanks!

Aleisa said...

YES, du är världens kreativast och fötjänner helt enkel det! kul att läsa fakta om dig, im your follower and im proud of being!

Doris_Assar said...

Vilken ära, tackar!!! Kul att läsa lite om dig :-)

TRevlig helg!!

florin said...

Tack fina du!

Rita alias alatvian said...

CONGRATS to the award winning!

Thank you so very much for sharing so interesting info about you!

Retro Elephant said...

Tusen tack ottopippi för din award, blev väldigt stolt och glad! :)