Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Custom order: Adult Pippi Longstocking skirt

Yeah, yeah. I know... I should post more in the blog, but it is REALLY hard to do that at this time of the year. A lot of secrets going on now...

Lucky for me that I've got customers that make me do things that I can show off.
So, this is a Pippi Longstocking skirt in adult size XS. Since it is a medium weight cotton fabric I like this model the best, with elastics in the waist and the contrasting seam binding. It has a slightly rounded hem, which makes it nicely twirly. This would be a great skirt for spring or summer!!
It actually is kinda funny. I've got a store full of children's clothes and over and over I get requests for adult clothes. Seems like a lot of adults are tired of pin stripes and want the same whimsical and colorful clothes as I usually do for kids. Perhaps I am in the wrong line of business and should start making adult clothes full time instead??


Hello said...

Vilken rolig beställning!

Jag ska sy en husvagnst-shirt till mig själv till våren!

Duracellmamman said...

Så snyg så :-))

Pippi börjar bli en favvo här hemma med, inte fullt ut ännu, men på god väg ;-D

Du har en söt liten award/utmaning att hämta inne hos mig :-))

Önskar dig en underbar vintrig dag!

Varma kramar!

Floosan said...

åh va häftig